There are two major ways to make your website more successful. You can either increase the number of people who visit it, or you can optimize your website so your existing visitors convert at a higher rate. Yes, you can do both at the same time.

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process that helps you get the most out of the traffic your website receives.

A good conversion rate optimization project starts with thorough research. We will look at your website from three different angles:

  • Quantitative research – This is where we go through your web analytics data looking for anything that could indicate there’s a problem. A funnel step with higher than expected drop-off rate, a segment that performs worse than expected – quantitative research is the perfect tool for locating where the problem is.
  • Qualitative research – While numerical data from quantitative research is great at telling you where the problem is, you’ll need non-numerical data to understand what it is that prevents users from converting. The information your users give you through live chat, customer surveys, customer support, user testing, or even social media can be extremely helpful in understanding what the users are struggling with.
  • Heuristic evaluation – This is a subjective research method used to identify areas where your website could be leaking profits. A thorough UX analysis based on experience and industry best practices, this method alone is not something you can rely on, but combined with quantitative and qualitative research it forms the backbone of any conversion rate optimization program.

The goal of the research stage is to identify as many improvement opportunities as possible. Next step is prioritizing them, based on several factors. This allows us to focus on the most important issues first.

Then we can finally start working on all the issues discovered and prioritized in previous phases. How we handle each one will depend, but usually we’ll either write a hypothesis and run an A/B test, do some more research or, in some cases, just fix something that is obviously broken.

Need help increasing your conversion rate? We can help you.

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