053 Rishi Rawat Doesn’t Do User Research

Rishi Rawat, product page optimization specialist at Frictionless Commerce – although you may know him as The Product Page Guy.

In this episode, we talked about his hot take on user research. Why you don’t always need them in CRO and what to do instead. Rishi also answered questions from the community:

  • Simbar Dube: I think his optimization framework focuses on product pages only and it doesn’t include research right? Suppose there are conversion roadblocks happening on other pages, without research, how will he identify them? And since his framework is only built for PDPs, does it mean that they ignore conversion roadblocks on other pages?
  • Trina Moitra: I am a big fan of Rishi’s unique take on Shopify product pages. My question to him would be – “What is a framework that copywriters can use to channel their creative intuition into work that would resonate with the intended audience?”
  • Samyak Tripathi: How to design the copy and strategy to make them highly interested in your product by providing value in the Ad itself
  • Dragos Balasoiu: If you could NEVER work in e-commerce again, what would you do? 

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