086 Urgency with Peter Gardner

Our guest in this episode is Peter Gardner, co-founder of Blend Commerce, a Shopify Plus agency, and he is joining us to tell you all you need to know about the urgency in e-commerce.

If you want to learn about:

  • What is the worst way to create urgency in an e-commerce website
  • The restaurant tactic for creating urgency and how it translates to e-commerce
  • Top three tactics for creating urgency for e-commerce websites 

Then check out the episode, then please consider rating, reviewing, and sharing it with someone you think might find it as helpful as you did.

085 Web Accessibility with Abi Hough and Charles Meaden

In this episode, we had not one, but two guests with us, telling you all you need to know about web accessibility. And they not only tell you about it but make you care about it as well.

Learn what web accessibility is, who benefits from it, how to assess your website, how to use analytics to find accessibility issues, why gov.uk is the best website in the world and a bunch of other things from our guests:

  • Abi Hough – Director ar UU3 Limited, an optimization agency
  • Charles Meaden – founder of Digital Nation, a digital marketing agency

084 Demand Generation with Nemanja Živković

Our guest today is Nemanja Zivkovic, CEO and founder of Funky Marketing – a B2B marketing agency, and host of Funky Marketing Show – a podcast where he talks to “all those people that are doing the good job for good people”.

He’s with us today to talk about demand generation, so if you’re into making more money online – I STRONGLY recommend sticking around and listening to what Nemanja has to say.

081 CRO to UXO with Ihor Sokolov

Ihor is a CRO/UXO pro who has been in the CRO/UXO field for almost a decade. He co-founded a performance-based CRO agency ConversionRate.Store. This is the first agency that takes commitment to deliver specific uplift in key business metrics for every project it takes on. Ihor led CRO projects for companies like Microsoft, Comodo, Gaiam, Preply, SamCart, CariD, Ukrainian International Airlines, and Depositphotos.

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