064 The Marketing Attribution Fantasy with Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza is a Senior Customer Strategist at The Lumery. He analyses marketing, data, and technology trends for some of the most well-known Australian and global brands. In this episode, we talked about marketing attribution, the billion-dollar attribution software industry and why after all the interest and investment behind it, attribution still feels like a mystery.

061 Optimizing Customer Experience with Will Laurenson

Will Laurenson is a Conversion Rate Optimisation expert who works with eCommerce businesses to improve their conversion rates, average order values, and generate higher lifetime customer values. In this episode, we talked about why you should prioritize your customer experience. We also covered how to use reviews strategically and whether discounting really helps increase conversions.

057 Email Marketing in a Privacy-oriented World With Adam Kitchen

Adam Kitchen is the co-founder of Magnet Monster, an email and SMS marketing agency for e-commerce brands. They’ve helped over 100+ businesses achieve $15mm email-sourced revenue. In this episode, we’re going to go deep into the future of email. Given the latest privacy led developments, is it still one of the best channels to invest in? 

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