075 Personalisation Isn’t Dead With Kate Cook and Darshana Patel

Darshana Patel is the Lead Client Partner at The Lumery and an expert in leveraging personalisation across the customer journey. Kate Cook, aka The Attribution Gal, is the Analytics Lead at The Lumery. In this episode, we discussed the difference between personalisation as a short term lever vs as an organisation wide approach and the common pitfalls to avoid. We all came into conclusion that personalisation is far from being dead, it’s misunderstood.

About Lumery:

The Lumery is a Marketing & Technology Consultancy bringing clarity to complex. We partner with leading brands across almost every vertical to solve complex business problems through the end-to-end use and understanding of marketing & technology.

We’re a group of the most passionate, specialised humans, setting the benchmark of how you get value from Marketing & Technology.  That’s our differentiation – we are constantly striving to find the best way to solve big hairy business problems and that permeates throughout our whole organisation.

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