043 Using First Party Data to Drive Customer Retention with Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson is currently the customer marketing and community manager at CXL, she was previously chief growth officer at Omniconvert, more popularly known as the CLV lady, and a serial intrapreneur with more than a decade of experience leading sales and marketing in B2B and E-commerce.

In this episode, we talked about retention, why people don’t care about it as much as we should and using first-party data to fuel customer retention. Juliana also answered questions from some of our listeners/network:

  • Luka Nikolic: How would you quantify and attribute the impact of longer term initiatives such as branding and community building to improved customer retention?
  • Lorenzo Carreri: What survey questions should you ask to understand how retention can be improved?
  • Jon Ivanco: Does AOV really matter, especially on the first purchase?

Links in this episode:

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