048 Collecting Zero Party Data To Personalize Customer Journey With Jon Ivanco

Jon Ivanco is a Customer Experience Consultant and co-Founder of Formtoro, a company focused on unlocking up to 38x more data on your users. If you want to learn what zero-party data is and why you should care about it this is the episode for you. Jon shared his insights on personalizing your customer journey and emphasized how data collection should be the first step to help influence your strategy.

Jon also answered questions from some of our listeners/network:

  • Juliana Jackson: What do you think about companies that swear by CLV as the main growth lever for e-commerce brands and completely ignoring each brand’s business model?
  • Jeremy Epperson: Why do you think there are only really 2 measurable points of intent in a customer journey?
  • Lukas Petrauskas:  What are the lowest and highest-hanging fruits regarding zero party data utilization for $1MM+ e-com companies?

Links in this episode:

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