049 Experimentation Program Maturity With Shiva Manjunath

Shiva Manjunath, a Senior Experimentation Strategist at Speero and a ‘test to learn’ optimizer. He’s worked on teams spanning from B2B (Gartner) to B2C (Norweigan Cruise Line, Edible Arrangements) and focuses experiments on driving high business value and impact. If you want to learn about the right ways to run an experimentation program, this episode is for you. Shiva shares the purpose of a mature experimentation program, why test to learn is the better approach and how to avoid being subjective when running experiments.

Shiva also answered questions from some of our listeners/network:

  • Amrdeep Athwal: When do you think an organization is mature enough to require or need to start investing in building their own tools e.g. Their own analytics, testing or insight tools?
  • Daniela Marquez: If not CRO, what field would Shiva spend his time in and why?
  • Ben Labay: Do you enjoy running programs (metrics = test velocity and results) more vs actively shaping the program itself (metrics = program efficiency)?

Links in this episode:

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