051 Optimizing the Customer Journey With Jeremy Epperson

Jeremy Epperson is the Chief Growth Officer of Conversion Advocates. He has helped deliver Conversion Rate Optimization & Experimentation programs for some of Silicon Valley’s most renowned startups and brands like Disney, Square, Twilio, SurveyMonkey and more. In this episode, we talked about optimizing the touchpoints in your customer journey. Jeremy shares his four-phase customer journey model and ways to understand your customer sentiment.

He also answered questions from the community:

  • Sina Fak: What role does Customer, Business, and Market Intelligence play in optimizing the customer buying journey? 
  • Rishi Rawat: What’s one thing you’ve reversed your thinking on?
  • LeAnn Reyes: What is the biggest fail you’ve ever experienced, and how did you overcome it?
  • Luka Nikolic: You mainly work with startups and fast moving organizations, but do you have any advice for CROs working in large, established organizations? How can they demonstrate the value of journey mapping and get executive buy-in and funding for doing more customer research if the brand they work for is already a market leader?

Links in the episode:

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