052 The Problem With Heatmaps With Oliver Palmer

Oliver Palmer is an Experimentation Practitioner and  Conversion Rate Optimisation consultant. He’s worked with T-Mobile, Kmart Australia, Nissan and The Telegraph in scaling optimisation programs and embedding the discipline of data-driven experimentation. 

In this episode, we talked about his unpopular take on heatmaps, why they don’t mean anything and what you should focus on instead. He also answered questions from the community:

  • David Mannheim: Why are heat maps seen as so prolific within the industry? Are you assuming the client side of the industry (retailers etc) need further education? 
  • Juan Mendoza: Should the practice of optimization in businesses reflect scientific practice?
  • Slobodan Manic: Do you think it’s possible to start and grow a career in experimentation without working on a larger team at some point? Asking because he had such roles before going solo?

Links in the episode:

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