054 Nailing Product-Message Fit With Diane Wiredu

Diane Wiredu is the founder of Lion Words, a Messaging Strategist and Conversion Copywriter. She speaks regularly on virtual stages and has been featured on B2B Better, Wynter Games, Lead Gen Lift Off Summit and The Marketing Meetup.

In this episode, we talked about product message fit, why it’s crucial and how to get your messaging right. Diane also shared her proven framework when working on messaging strategy and her controversial view on why buyer personas are dead.

Dianne also answered questions from the community:

  • Mari Paseva: How do you fit branding into the Product-Message-fit equation?
  • Adam Kirsch: With fewer people talking about B2B SaaS products online compared to B2C products (think amazon, yelp reviews etc) what are her go-to places for finding the juicy VoC we need for creating compelling messaging when writing for our clients?
  • Eden: what does she think about category creation as part of messaging strategy – when should companies do it, and when shouldn’t they?
  • Suri Jerusalem: Work life balance hacks, how to shut that creative brain off when it’s time to play, how to schedule projects so life still fits in?

Links in the episode:

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