056 How AI and ML Impact CRO With Amrdeep Athwal

Amrdeep Athwal is the founder of Conversions Matter and started doing data-driven optimization 15 years ago. In today’s episode, we will tell you all you need to know about AI in CRO.

Amrdeep also answered questions from the community: 

  • Charles Meaden: How do you spot when the algorithm gets it wrong?
  • Alun Lucas: How do you think AI can be used to help optimise the performance of online forms?
  • Nneka Otika: What path can someone take to break into CRO? It seems like a close knit industry. What transferable skill does someone need to work in CRO? – I know AI and machine learning crunch data which is useful in CRO. Will their application in the industry increase in coming years? If yes, in what ways?
  • Shiva Manjunath: How important is localization to your optimization program? What are some things to avoid while localizing your test results?

Links in the episode:

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