080 Customer Value Optimization with Valentin Radu

In this episode, we’re covering a topic that is both very relevant in today’s economic climate and about as evergreen as anything, especially in the world of e-commerce. Customer retention is something that any brand looking for continuous success should invest in, and there’s no better person to talk about it than our guest – Valentin Radu, CEO of Omniconvert.

078 How to Prioritize the Right SEO Efforts With Maeva Cifuentes

Maeva Cifuentes is the CEO of Flying Cat, an SEO-driven content marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies specializing in martech, salestech and HR tech. In this episode, we’ll talk about how to invest your budget wisely for 2023. SEO as we know is a complicated channel. It’s hard to know where to best place your resources. Maeva shares her framework to help prioritize the right SEO efforts and ignore the rest.

075 Personalisation Isn’t Dead With Kate Cook and Darshana Patel

Darshana Patel is the Lead Client Partner at The Lumery and an expert in leveraging personalisation across the customer journey. Kate Cook, aka The Attribution Gal, is the Analytics Lead at The Lumery. In this episode, we discussed the difference between personalisation as a short term lever vs as an organisation wide approach and the common pitfalls to avoid. We all came into conclusion that personalisation is far from being dead, it’s misunderstood.

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