057 Email Marketing in a Privacy-oriented World With Adam Kitchen

Adam Kitchen is the co-founder of Magnet Monster, an email and SMS marketing agency for e-commerce brands. They’ve helped over 100+ businesses achieve $15mm email-sourced revenue. In this episode, we’re going to go deep into the future of email. Given the latest privacy led developments, is it still one of the best channels to invest in? 

055 Turning Conversations into Content Snippets With Zineb Layachi

Zineb Layachi is the founder of Raise the Runway, Co-founder of PitchSlap. She’s helped many startups turn buyers into raving fans and one of the influential voices on LinkedIn. In this episode, we’re going to talk about conversations. Is it really important to talk to your customers? And if you do, how can you find opportunities to turn these into content snippets? 

054 Nailing Product-Message Fit With Diane Wiredu

Diane Wiredu is the founder of Lion Words, a Messaging Strategist and Conversion Copywriter. She speaks regularly on virtual stages and has been featured on B2B Better, Wynter Games, Lead Gen Lift Off Summit and The Marketing Meetup.

In this episode, we talked about product message fit, why it’s crucial and how to get your messaging right. Diane also shared her proven framework when working on messaging strategy and her controversial view on why buyer personas are dead.

051 Optimizing the Customer Journey With Jeremy Epperson

Jeremy Epperson is the Chief Growth Officer of Conversion Advocates. He has helped deliver Conversion Rate Optimization & Experimentation programs for some of Silicon Valley’s most renowned startups and brands like Disney, Square, Twilio, SurveyMonkey and more. In this episode, we talked about optimizing the touchpoints in your customer journey. Jeremy shares his four-phase customer journey model and ways to understand your customer sentiment.

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