049 Experimentation Program Maturity With Shiva Manjunath

Shiva Manjunath, a Senior Experimentation Strategist at Speero and a ‘test to learn’ optimizer. He’s worked on teams spanning from B2B (Gartner) to B2C (Norweigan Cruise Line, Edible Arrangements) and focuses experiments on driving high business value and impact. If you want to learn about the right ways to run an experimentation program, this episode is for you. Shiva shares the purpose of a mature experimentation program, why test to learn is the better approach and how to avoid being subjective when running experiments.

Shiva also answered questions from some of our listeners/network:

  • Amrdeep Athwal: When do you think an organization is mature enough to require or need to start investing in building their own tools e.g. Their own analytics, testing or insight tools?
  • Daniela Marquez: If not CRO, what field would Shiva spend his time in and why?
  • Ben Labay: Do you enjoy running programs (metrics = test velocity and results) more vs actively shaping the program itself (metrics = program efficiency)?

048 Collecting Zero Party Data To Personalize Customer Journey With Jon Ivanco

Jon Ivanco is a Customer Experience Consultant and co-Founder of Formtoro, a company focused on unlocking up to 38x more data on your users. If you want to learn what zero-party data is and why you should care about it this is the episode for you. Jon shared his insights on personalizing your customer journey and emphasized how data collection should be the first step to help influence your strategy.

Jon also answered questions from some of our listeners/network:

  • Juliana Jackson: What do you think about companies that swear by CLV as the main growth lever for e-commerce brands and completely ignoring each brand’s business model?
  • Jeremy Epperson: Why do you think there are only really 2 measurable points of intent in a customer journey?
  • Lukas Petrauskas:  What are the lowest and highest-hanging fruits regarding zero party data utilization for $1MM+ e-com companies?

047 Converting Cold Traffic With Eden Bidani

Eden Bidani is a conversion copywriter and acquisition strategist with over a decade of experience helping SaaS, tech and e-commerce businesses drive crazy-growth. In this episode, we talked about what makes a thumb-stopping headline and why the goal of your ad is not to sell. Eden shares her proven 12-step framework for converting cold traffic into customers and also answers some copywriting questions from the community.

045 2022 Predictions: 5 Experts Share What Marketers Should Focus On

In our finale episode for 2021, we asked 5 experts about the biggest things that happened in their field this year. They also shared their predictions on what marketers should focus on in 2022.

  • Brent Csutoras, Digital Marketing Strategist, talked about Online Marketing
  • Kelsey Jones, SEO Content Leader, shared her thoughts about Content Marketing
  • Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy, discussed SEO Strategy
  • Tomek Rudzki, Head of R&D at Onely, talked about Tech SEO
  • Jon MacDonald, Founder of The Good, shared his insights about E-commerce and CRO

044 Three Things We Gave a **** About in 2021

In this episode, we recapped the 3 things that happened in marketing that we cared about the most. We talked about the movement to a more privacy-focused world, the page experience update and the dramatic rise in demand for Technical SEO. And since it’s the end of the year, we had a fun chat about our guests, why we started the podcast and a special year-end podcast!

043 Using First Party Data to Drive Customer Retention with Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson is currently the customer marketing and community manager at CXL, she was previously chief growth officer at Omniconvert, more popularly known as the CLV lady, and a serial intrapreneur with more than a decade of experience leading sales and marketing in B2B and E-commerce.

In this episode, we talked about retention, why people don’t care about it as much as we should and using first-party data to fuel customer retention. Juliana also answered questions from some of our listeners/network:

  • Luka Nikolic: How would you quantify and attribute the impact of longer term initiatives such as branding and community building to improved customer retention?
  • Lorenzo Carreri: What survey questions should you ask to understand how retention can be improved?
  • Jon Ivanco: Does AOV really matter, especially on the first purchase?

041 Experimentation as a Business Philosophy With Luka Nikolić

Luka Nikolić is a CRO analyst in the Danish iGaming company Better Collective where he is in charge of optimizing a number of the company’s affiliate websites for higher conversions. In this episode, we talked about experimentation as a strategy as opposed to a tactic. Luka shares why it’s better to adopt a mindset of experimentation to make the right decisions and deliver value to customers.

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